About Abii Clinic

Abii clinic is a well-established fully fledged health facility. It has been open since 1986 and is well known for provision of affordable quality health care services in Uganda. Abii clinic boasts of beneficial rich products that are designed to meet the needs of our customers’ in and around the country.
Our main focus is to have simplified answers to everyday needs to our clients in Uganda. We also aim to provide them with unparalleled value, convenience, financial security and quality services.

Mission Statement

The mission of Abii Clinic is to exercise a high level of Professionalism, Harmony, Integrity, Courtesy, Affordability and Transparency during all treatments in a very confidential atmosphere with best quality of drugs.

Our Vision

Bringing quality healthcare services nearer to the people

Why Choose Us

Personalized and advanced care

Abii Clinic provides personalized, compassionate care using the latest diagnostic and treatment practices.

Affiliated to the Ministry of Health

The Clinic’s strong tradition of medical excellence coupled with its affiliation with the Ministry of Health brings world class innovation, research and technology to every patient.

Excellent Physicians

Abii Clinic has a pool of highly qualified physicians who are dedicated towards the improvement of patient care.

Patient Satisfaction

We strive to offer excellent customer care, efficient service and patient satisfaction through our friendly professional staff.

Quality Care

Abii Clinic has a longstanding commitment to providing quality care, which we take very seriously. We place a high priority on keeping patients and families informed and involved in their healthcare decisions.

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Plot 155 Aisha Kasuule House, Wandegeya

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