Laboratory Services

At Abii Clinic, our medical and analytical services include Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, Fertility Hormones, Microbiology and Serology. A wide variety

Internal Medicine Services

General Physician: Provided by 3 internal medicine specialists, includes diagnosis and management of acute, chronic and rare diseases supported by

General and Family Medicine

General medicine is designed to treat and prevent the most common and chronic diseases. We have a team of Medical

Orthopaedic Surgery

Abii clinic works with highly skilled and experienced Orthopaedic Surgeons who offer compassionate, patient centered approach, diagnosis and treatment of

Surgical Services

General Surgery: We are committed to delivering the best medical care with our highly experienced specialists. We provide Consulting, diagnostic

Dental Care/dental x-ray/ OPG

We have a fully-fledged dental department that evaluates, diagnose, prevent and treat diseases, disorders and conditions of the teeth, mouth

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